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the remembering of now

...blink it away...

the curious wreckage
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Sometimes, I need a distraction.
-c clara, 35mm photography, 433, abstract, aestheticism, anachronisms, anarchy, androgyny, arrogance, art, asexuality, atheism, barcelona, beauty, berlin, black humour, blonde redhead, boots, boston, boyish girls, brave new world, cabaret, caffeine, canada, cities, clone high, close-ups, cms, comics, comparative media studies, cyberpunk, cynicism, destruction, determinism, don hertzfeldt, dykes, escher, fatalistic femme, films, formal logic, fucked forever, fugues, funny colours, furious angels, good food, graphic novels, griffin & sabine, hair dyes, hallucinations, happiness, hate, hatedbecauseofgreatqualities, hawksley workman, hedonism, hiroshima mon amour, ice cream, insomnia, invader zim, irony, jeanette winterson, jhonen vasquez, karmic chameleon, klein bottles, ladytron, latin, lesbians, life drawing, logic, magic realism, man ray, math, math as religion, mathcamp, mathematics, michel gondry, mindfuck, misandry, misanthropy, misogyny, mit, modernism, movies, murakami, mythology, naked jessicats, neil gaiman, non sequiturs, novelty socks, nowhere girl, oil paint, orangesarenottheonlyfruit, overthinking, paradoxes, postfeminism, postmodernism, privacy, projective geometry, pure mathematics, purple, queers, quentin tarantino, reading, requiem for a dream, rhapsody in blue, road waffles, sandman, sarcasm, satire, schadenfreude, screaming, secrets, senior haus, sexylosers, shiny toy guns, sigur ros, sleep deprivation, sleeping naked, something positive, sonnets, starfish, steer roast, stimulants, strength, stripes, suffering, suits, surrealism, sushi, the chocolate war, the cliks, the coarser things, the finer things, the little prince, the wind-up bird chronicle, tim burton, timothy findley, toronto, tragedies, tragicomedies, transmetropolitan, ultraviolence, underplanning, university of toronto schools, uts, vanity, waiting for godot, webcomics, words, xkcd, zephyr