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Best. Birthday. Ever.

It started with Sam, actually, it started with me convincing my parents to not come to Boston for my birthday *for once*. Then, it was Sam singing "Happy Birthday" to me Marilyn Monroe-style, which was...beautiful. What a nice boy.

I angle grinder-ed the lock off my bike. The MIT CPs told me to have fun. It was photographed. I had fun.

Nice sushi dinner at Hana's with a 12-full table. Best sushi Food Quotient* in Boston.

Then Sunday night's at Redbone's.

And not a lick of work!

I had a happy weekend. Everything feels full of potential and glory.

And last night, I had a dream about being a Slytherin, watching Harry and Draco, and thinking "They are such morons."

* Taste*Calories/Cost


A break from the silence...

...for a very important announcement.

I loathed the Watchmen movie.

I came, I saw, I hated.Collapse )

I don't what to be one of those rabid fans foaming at the mouth talking about how the original work has such personally significance in their lives, but it's not too far from how I feel. I have a very clear memory of fclbrokle buying the book and giving it to me in the basement of a book store in Brookline. My memories are so discombobulated that I can't date it at all. I think it might have been when I visited him in early...2002? That seems about right. But I can picture that basement so clearly. I don't even know which book store it was...

I remember that it took me a while to get around to reading it. I remember it was not an easy read. I was tired when I finished it. But I immediately began to reread it. I was hooked.

And now for what BoingBoing likes to call a "unicorn chaser."

Das ist typisch.

Back from Germany. What an intense month.

Notables include:
- Berlin is as awesome as usual.
- Stuttgart...less so. But the Porsche assembly line makes up for a lot.
- Freiburg was neat too. I got another piercing.
- I finally got roped into the Facebook conspiracy. Friend me. Unless I hate you.
- A dry spell ended.
- Apparently Heath Ledger died? That kind of pisses me off. Not only was he a pretty cool actor, it's yet another doomed Terry Gilliam project.
- Macbook Air. I want one. I want one so I can time how long it takes for me to break it.

So...yeah. Today's reg day.

Plans! Smells!

I have some travel plans made.

Dec. 23: BOS->YYZ
Jan. 3: YYZ->BOS
Jan. 4: BOS->TXL
Jan. 31: TXL->BOS


I got my hair cut today. That in itself isn't noteworthy at all. The tiny gay man between telling me about his Thanksgiving gluttony and his absolutely terrible dumping of his ex put this stuff in my hair that smells like patchouli. It reminded me of bassista, Maggie Bitter and KoL. I just thought that was a cool set of associations.

Thanksgiving...with Dangerous Americans

I'm waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can get started on cleaning and stuffing the turkey. (The garbage disposal is *way* broken, which makes the sink fill with water when the dishwasher is on. Also, the non-wood cutting board is being washed.) This is the first time I've ever done the turkey, so I'm a little apprehensive.

My stuffing, however, will be delicious. I even made a vegetarian version!

Tuesday night, after a long day that included lots of hanging/focusing/playing with/lamenting over lights for a "live action anime" dance piece, I got home at about 10pm and proceeded to destroy the queen-size box spring in my room that's been annoying the crap out of me. Armed with nothing but a claw-hammer and an indifference to splinters, I pulverized it. It was the most satisfying thing I have done in a very very long time.

Last night, I got to play Rock Band. SO. MUCH. FUN. I really wanna be a drummer. Or maybe just a Rock Band drummer. And then I came home and made mounds and mounds of stuffing.

It might be time for me to get back to the turkey.

EDIT (10:58AM): The damn turkey is finally in the damn oven. *shudder* I really dislike handling raw meat.
I just saw PotC: World's End with kamki. What a trashy movie. Full of explosions, messy fights, defiance of the laws of physics, plot holes and loose ends. No, seriously. It's basically the film equivalent of the perpetually drunk barslut who doesn't make a lot of sense, but is fun to be around, and will sleep with anyone. But the jokes are thin. the lame melodrama eventually gets on your nerves, and you find yourself thinking back to the good old days when pirates weren't just a slutty franchise.

But on another note, I take back everything bad I ever said (and everything good I left unsaid) about Transformers. (Not that I've said a whole lot.)

Robots are awesome.

I think I'm actually now more psyched up for Transformers than The Golden Compass which is a little sad. Especially since the latter features Eva Green who is my future wife.*


*For adorable pictures, check out here, here, and a deliciously dorky here.


I want to change my first name to 'Machine'. My last name isn't 'Gunn', but it still works pretty damn well.

It's a very nice name for a girl.

In other machine-like events, I just biked 50km on the car-less highways of Toronto (the DVP and the Gardiner, to be specific). It was a Heart and Stroke fundraising thingy or whatever, so they closed off the highways and let bikers go wild. It was actually pretty fun. Except for the part where I had to get up at 6:30.

That's the good part of being Machine. The bad part is these pesky human relationships. I think the combination of my innate abruptness, impatience, lack of subtlety and the limitations of e-mail resulted in another destroyed friendship. Oh well.

People need people. Machine does not need people.

"Windmill, Windmill for the land..."

I'm back in Toronto for the next while.

I have no plans.

I just watched a hell of a lot of Gorillaz videos. My sense of reality has definitely been affected.

Oh, and I passed all my classes. Not a single D either.
Right now I am trying my damndest to not fail any classes this term. This is not at all helped by the fact that for the month of April I pretty much did no work whatsoever. (My Spring Break was very traumatic.) My goals for the next few days:

Tonight: Finish 6.001 Project 5 (almost there!). Submit project, go home. Sleep.
Friday: Wake up at 9. Listen to the online lecture notes on OOPS. Read and start working on Project 4. (I know. It's fucked, because I'm a fucktard.) At 4pm, go to sneak preview of Paprika*. Continue tooling. Go to sleep at midnight.
Saturday: Wake up at 9. 8.02 There're review sessions from 1-3 and 3-5. Go to both. Do nothing except physics. Go to sleep at midnight or 2am.
Sunday: Wake up at 9. Finish Project 4. Go to 8.02 tutoring session at 4pm. Curse out the tutor. Start preparing for the 6.001 final. Go to sleep at 10pm
Monday: 9am - 8.02 final. Get at least a 65. Prepare for 6.001 final. Go to sleep at midnight.
Tuesday: Wake up at 9. 1:30pm - 6.001 final. Do well enough to inspire clemency. (Specific number unknown) Watch Bicycle Thieves. Read as much of the textbook as I can stomach. Make lots of notes. Go to sleep at midnight
Wednesday: Wake up at 9. 1:30 - 21L.011 final. Celebrate end of term in moderation.
Thursday: Pack. Poker Night.
Friday: Nurse hangover. Pack. Celebrate some more.
Saturday: Finish packing. Greet parents.

If I had time to calculate the odds, I'd take bets on how many classes I'll pass.

* It promises to be awesome. If you are in the area, come to 10-250 at 4pm. It's going to be my one real break from tooling in the next few days.
Yesterday I saw The Cliks, a queer "girl" band from Toronto that I've been obsessing over for like a month. From their video on youtube I just knew they were a band made to appeal to my guilty pleasures and proud fetishes. To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed by their performance. Lucas, the lead singer, was much more charismatic and expressive in the music video, and in person, just didn't seem to be opening up. (Kudos to the director for that.) The mighty cute drummer was a bit sloppy, and overall, the performance didn't add much to the recordings. But I forgive them their weaknesses because they are a budding band on their first US tour. And they're way hot.

Today I got my piercings redone! Finally! ...So my piercings are at the state they were when I first came to MIT. Stupid hospital. Stupid head scans. Stupid life-saving magnets.

Also, I went and saw the dumbest funnest best movie. The Beach Party at The Threshold of Hell!!!! It's like...it's like...Six-String Samurai meets Grindhouse* with a big dash of self-deprecating humour. For an indie film it certainly has enough big name actors and shiny visuals. Seriously, they pulled off the look perfectly. The narrative is actually very intelligently structured, and there's a lot of "subtle" clever commentary going on about US history and politics, current and past. And robots! Oh those hilarious robots! And Cannibal Sue ("Christian name: Cannibal Susan") is just adorable. See if it's screening in a theatre Near You!

*Which I saw last week and greatly enjoyed for many of the same reasons. But I think I enjoyed The Beach Party blahblahblah more, because it was less concerned with being pretentiously over-the-top and making a statement about a "lost genre" and more with just having fun and making a fun movie.